Utah Clean Coal Program
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The CASE Coal Program's mission is the generation of scientific and technical information to allow for the clean and efficient utilization of coal in a carbon-constrained world. Building on the existing core-competencies developed over a long history of basic and applied research in coal science and combustion processes, the research areas include:

Oxy-Coal Combustion. Jost Wendt is the key contact.

High-Pressure Entrained Flow Gasification . Kevin Whitty is the key contact.

Combustion Chemical Looping. JoAnn Lighty is the key contact.

SNG from In-Situ Thermal Treatment. Philip Smith is the key contact.

Sequestration. Milind Deo is the key contact.

Environmental, Legal, and Policy Issues. Lincoln Davies and Arnold Reitze are the key contacts.

Simulation tools for clean coal technology.